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Fair warning: this site is UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Meaning, this site is not complete for full viewing yet and pages are yet to be made. Stay tuned and Get Psyched!!!!


Welcome to my Website!

Here's a personal website of sorts for me, an college student and freelance mapper/level designer, both on my own initiative and for the wonderful aspiring indie dev group Cobalt-57. My work includes work on the (sadly now-discontinued) Half-Life cut content mod Half-Life: Absolute Zero, of which you might have heard. On this site you will see my other mapping work, as well as various other interesting stuff. Forgive the relatively primitive design of this site, I'm still new to NeoCities and making a website. Oh well, fancier doesn't always equal better.

Site Updates:

1/2/2021 - First off, to anyone who's reading this, Happy New Year! Yeah there hasn't been much in terms of updates, so here's hoping that in the new year I can rectify that and bring this site to its fullest beauty. I can't promise anything, but what I can promise is that hopefully there will be a raft of exciting stuff coming on this site in this year. That and I'm planning on tweaking the site layout a bit and (finally) implementing an actual navigation bar. Stay tuned...?

11/23/2020 - Planning a host of updates to the site, including a navigation bar to make navigation easier. Also planning to release my first Doom WAD, Demonic Plumbing, in the next few days, so keep your eyes peeled for that one!

On this site you will find:

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